13. An app is had by me directed to young ones. At exactly just what part of the process that is download we deliver moms and dads my direct notice?

13. An app is had by me directed to young ones. At exactly just what part of the process that is download we deliver moms and dads my direct notice?

Unless one of many limited exceptions pertains (see h. 2 that is FAQ, the Rule calls for which you deliver moms and dads the direct notice ahead of the assortment of any private information through the son or daughter. The restricted exclusion for this is you may gather the parent’s online contact information when it comes to single intent behind delivering the parent the direct notice. Instead, you might supply the notice that is direct the moms and dad through other means, such as for example through the product onto that your application is installed, in the event that mechanisms both (1) offer such notice and get the parent’s permission before any number of private information and (2) are fairly built to make sure that it’s the moms and dad whom gets the notice and offers the permission.


1. COPPA pertains to internet sites or online solutions which can be “directed to kiddies. ” Just What determines whether or perhaps not a webpage or service that is online directed to children ?

The amended Rule sets away lots of factors for determining whether a webpage or online solution is directed to young ones. These generally include subject material regarding the web web site or solution, its artistic content, the employment of animated figures or child-oriented tasks and incentives, music or other content that is audio chronilogical age of models, presence of kid superstars or superstars whom attract young ones, language or other faculties for the internet site or online solution, or whether marketing marketing or showing up on the internet site or online solution is directed to young ones. The Rule additionally states that the Commission will start thinking about competent and dependable evidence that is empirical market structure, in addition to proof concerning the intended market associated with the site or service. See 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 (meaning of “Web site or online solution directed to young ones, ” paragraph (1)).

As described in FAQ D. 5 below, the amended Rule additionally considers a web site or service that is online be “directed to kiddies” where it offers real knowledge it is collecting private information directly from users of some other internet site or online solution this is certainly directed to kids. See 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 (meaning of “Web site or service that is online to young ones, ” paragraph (2)).

2. We operate a child-directed application. I’d like to display screen users making sure that We just have actually to obtain parental permission from kids under age 13, perhaps not from everyone else whom utilizes the software. May I?

It depends. A website or online service (such as an app) directed to children must treat all visitors as children and provide COPPA’s protections to every such visitor because of its very nature, in most instances. This means for the most component, an internet site or online service directed to young ones might not monitor users for age.

Nevertheless, the amended Rule offers up an exception that is narrow a website or solution that could be directed to kiddies beneath the criteria established in FAQ D. 1 above, but that will not target young ones as the primary market. By way of example, a child-directed website may target kids under age 13, in addition to moms and dads or more youthful teenagers. An operator of a website or solution conference this standard may age-screen its users as under age 13 without first complying with the amended Rule’s notice and parental consent provisions if it: (1) does not collect personal information from any visitor prior to collecting age information, and (2) prevents the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information from visitors who identify themselves. See 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 (meaning of “Web site or online solution directed to children, ” paragraph (3)). Significantly, as an operator of an internet site or online solution directed to young ones, may very well not block kids from taking part in the web site or online solution (see FAQ D. 4 below).

3. Just just just What proof would i must show whether young ones under age 13 are or are not the “primary audience” for my website?

Given that operator, you need to very very carefully analyze who your meant audience is, the specific market, as well as in numerous circumstances, the most most likely market for the web site or solution. For making these determinations, you need to bear in mind the facets for the “Web website or online solution directed to children” found in paragraph (1) of 16 C.F.R. § 312.2. See FAQ D. 1 above. It’s also possible to get a much better feeling of your internet site or service once it’s been in operation, that can need certainly to make some modifications properly.

4. We operate a website it is acceptable to age-screen users that I believe may fall within the FTC’s sub-category of a website directed to children but where. Could I age-screen and totally block users whom identify to be under age 13 from taking part in any facet of my site?

No. Then you may not block children from participating altogether, even if you do not intend children to be your primary target audience if your site falls within the definition of a “Web site or online service directed to children” as set forth in paragraph (1) of 16 C.F.R. § 312.2. Rather, just exactly just what the amended Rule now lets you do is to utilize an age display to be able to distinguish betwixt your kid and users that are non-child. You may possibly choose to provide various tasks, or functions, to your users dependant on age, however you may well not entirely prohibit young ones from taking part in a site that is child-directed solution.

5. Now at FAQ D. 10

6. Am we needed to notify 3rd events that my internet site or service that is online directed to kids? Also I do this if I am not required to do so, how can? If We signal the character of my website or solution, will this protect me personally from obligation under COPPA?

The amended Rule does not need you to notify 3rd events of this child-directed nature of one’s site or solution, and performing this, without more, will likely not alleviate you of one’s responsibilities under COPPA. Keep in mind, you might be in charge of the collection of information that is personal from your own users, regardless of that is doing the collection; consequently, you need to do more than merely determine you to ultimately 3rd events. As being a child-directed home, absent an exception beneath the amended Rule (see FAQ H. 2 below), you must: (1) not gather or enable just about any entity to gather information that is personal from your own site visitors; or (2) offer notice and obtain previous parental consent before gathering or enabling any entity to gather private information from your own site visitors, in addition to provide every one of the other COPPA defenses. In addition, Commission staff suggests that operators of child-directed sites or solutions signal their status to 3rd events and you might organize using the party that is third the private information to present sufficient COPPA defenses.

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