Relaxing Endeavours

From wine and crafts to breakfast in bed, our hangout offers a wide range of soothing experiences designed to meet the needs of any pace. Relax and absorb the views as you sip at delicious wines and explore your Bob Marley inspired creativity with our crafts. Sleep in and indulge in delicious local tastes with our bed and breakfast features.

There is something for everyone at 9 Miles Clubhouse.

Exhilarating Activities

Depending on your preference, there is an exciting activity at 9 Mile Clubhouse to suit your style. For those who love the thrill of adventure, we offer cave tours to highlight the best of local rock formations in a way you have never before seen.

Sightseeing Excursions

Our skilled guides take you through community and farm tours so that you can absorb the local culture. Engage in sightseeing and develop memories to last a lifetime with our sparkling beaches and
wonderful architecture..

NMCH Wines

With our Nine Miles own made wines, you can enjoy some nice wine tasting events, enjoying three different flavors of Jackfruit, Rice & Citrus. If you are a wine lover, then you are going to explore a whole new side of wine.

Farm & Cave Tour

With just a few minutes away from the guest house, you can enjoy a wild tour through the farm, which indulges a cave of sorts. Entertain your minds and eyes with this tour provided with one of our expert tour guides.

Yum Yum Restaurant & Grill

For all foodies, this is what you came for. Yum Yum Restaurant and Grill is the best place for you to enjoy international food through a cultural dining experience. Get a taste of the amazing Jamaican cuisine or even get your requested fast food right to your plates

Bed & Breakfast Service

The space provided is made to accommodate all your needs, including 4-bed rooms with 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a large living room. You will be able to enjoy a flat-screen TV and a small library for all readers out there. This space is provided with a daily breakfast meal just to start your day as positive as possible.

Donkey ride

Get a load of connection with wildlife through our donkey ride activity. You will be able to be in contact with a lot of nature, including a fruitful donkey ride that is known to drive kids crazy.