Just how to put in a Plug for A electrical Clothes Dryer

Just how to put in a Plug for A electrical Clothes Dryer

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The plug for a dryer that is electric optional, because, in lots of homes, the applying is hardwired into the home circuitry. In case the household has a 240-volt receptacle for the dryer, then you can need certainly to use a plug — or pigtail — your self. The nationwide Electrical Code has mandated grounded plugs on dryers since 1996, therefore modern pigtails have actually four wires rather than three. Setting up a pigtail seems like a project that is complicated but it is actually a straightforward procedure that everyone can do. The pigtail cables have band lugs, and you also just connect these to your terminals that are appropriate the dryer.

Place the electrical terminal panel in the straight straight back for the dryer. It is often nearby the flooring. Unscrew the panel cover having a Philips screwdriver and remove it.

Note the colors associated with the terminal screws within the dryer. Two are brass, a person is silver and something is green. The metal terminals are hot, the silver is basic in addition to one that is green for ground.

Unscrew one of many metal screws and insert it through the ring lug on either the black colored or red cable on the pigtail. Those two cables are both hot and are also interchangeable. Drive the screw back into the panel and tighten up it to keep the cable firmly. Connect one other hot wire to another terminal in the way that is same.

Link the white wire towards the silver terminal and also the green cable to your terminal that is green. After the cables are connected, secure the pigtail into the dryer by feeding it through the wire that is built-in and tightening the clamp.

Fit the panel protect right straight back on the machine. The cable should be routed through the notch given to that function. Screw the address straight straight back on.

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  • Not absolutely all dryers have pigtails. When you have to buy one, be sure it’s for enough time to attain the receptacle.
  • For those who have a mature dryer with out a ground terminal, drill a gap within the physical human anatomy associated with machine and connect the ground cable towards the device with a ground screw.
  • You hardwire a dryer by after basically the same procedure. The actual only real distinctions are you need to crimp regarding the ring lugs yourself, together with ground cable is bare rather than green. Be certain the energy is down before you do it.

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