NIKLAND International Business School announces enrollment in foreign language groups.

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NIKLAND International Business School announces enrollment in foreign language groups.

This was reported by European Truth. According to published data, Ukraine ranked 27th in the ranking. It is classified as a country with an average level of English proficiency. At the same time, despite the fact that formally Ukraine and Russia were in different groups, their figures are similar. Ukraine received 53 points according to the rating methodology, the Russian Federation was evaluated at 51 points, it took 31st place. English is best spoken in the Scandinavian countries. The leader of the rating is Sweden. The group of countries with a very high level of English proficiency includes seven countries, including Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Austria and Finland. Poland, Hungary and Slovenia demonstrate a high level of foreign language skills. Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Algeria were among the worst-spoken countries in English. In total, the English proficiency index covers 60 countries around the world.

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Ukraine has improved its position in the ranking of countries in terms of knowledge of English as a foreign language

The level of English proficiency has increased in Ukraine

The results of a study by the international training company Education First show that Ukraine has significantly improved its position in the ranking of countries in terms of knowledge of English as a foreign language compared to last year. This was reported by European Truth.According to the results of the current ranking, Denmark dropped two positions at once, behind Sweden and the Netherlands.Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Poland and Austria were also in the top 10.Among the EU countries, the lowest level of English was demonstrated by the citizens of France, which was in 37th place (last year the country ranked 29th).Compared to last year, Ukraine has significantly improved its position, rising from the 44th step to the 34th, being in the ranking between Hong Kong and Peru.At the same time, Ukraine managed to get ahead of Russia, which compared to last year lost three lines of the rating, moving from 36th to 39th line.The lowest level of English is in Libya. The ranking covers 70 countries.



An open day at the English School and the Oxford Class Certified Examination Center.

Oxford Class holds an open day

On September 20, from 13:00 to 17:00, the Oxford Class School invites both children and adults to get acquainted with the school program, as well as have an interesting and useful time! The open day will be filled with the atmosphere of a British home, the seductive smells of toast and coffee, the sounds of music and the royal British speech! And because, as in any real English house, there is a favorite courtyard – in the “Oxford Class” there is an “Art Garden”, which will offer a variety of creative programs for children and adults.

Also, as part of the Jazz Koktebel festival, the school will offer its own English program – “Jazz up your English”!

In the program:

13: 00–17: 00 Testing on a double-decker bus Open Test; 13:00 – 14:00 Open lesson for children Jazz Kids – in the style of boogie-woogie (surprise – jazz songs); 13: 00–14: 00 Open lesson for adults – Get tuned – in the style of cool jazz; 13: 00-14: 30 Meeting-lectures on exams from the Cambridge Examination Syndicate. Solemn presentation of CERTIFICATES to students who have passed exams; 13: 00-14: 00 Bagpiper with jazz compositions; 14: 00-15: 00 Open lesson for teenagers; 14: 00-15: 00 Open business English lesson; 14: 30–15: 30 Presentation of the book “Hello, America!” Designed for anyone learning English and striving to improve it; 15: 00-16: 00 Open online learning lesson. Fusion in the style of modern jazz; 15: 00-16: 00 Open lesson for students – Summer Time in the style of Jazz-Funk.

The open day will be held at: Kiev, st. Lavra 16-A (m. Arsenalnaya).

More information on the school website


The Poles have created a free online resource of the Polish language for rapprochement with Ukrainians

Free online Polish course for Ukrainians

Poles have created a free online Polish language course for Ukrainians. According to the author of the course, Polish correspondent of the “Mirror of the Week” Jakub Loginov, thus they want to promote further rapprochement of Poles and Ukrainians. “As Euromaidan has shown, our peoples must stick together,” quoted him as saying. In order to start learning Polish, you need to sign up. E-mails and free study materials will be sent to you. “If you don’t like or change your mind to learn Polish, you will simply refuse,” the course’s creators said. Yakub Loginov used the author’s method in the course, thanks to which he himself once learned the Ukrainian language in just 4 months. In his opinion, the recipe is simple: since 60% of Polish words are similar to Ukrainian, it is enough to study only those that are different. In addition, the course will provide examples of typical Polish language constructions. The course consists of many lessons that will be automatically sent to the signatory’s address every 3-4 days. You need to enroll in the course through the form on the website. (Be sure to click on “link aktywacji” otherwise the recording will not be successful).

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Ukrainian Pravda. Life 03/14/2014

Study business English, financial English and legal English

Business English from NIKLAND Business School

Do you dream of building a successful career in an international corporation or just easily master a foreign language not only in everyday life, but also in business? Do not stand still and want to develop your business and attract foreign investment?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is one of the main advantages that opens up new perspectives and opportunities for a person not only in life but also in professional activities.NIKLAND International Business School offers English studies in the following areas:

Business English. Financial English “English for Finance”. Legal English.

The courses are conducted by certified experienced teachers. The language course includes aspects such as business vocabulary, business correspondence and document writing skills, business games and professional simulation, and the language of business meetings and negotiations.NIKLAND International Business School announces enrollment in foreign language groups. You can pre-determine the level of your knowledge on the IBS “NIKLAND” website, after passing a short test. Classes at the school will start on February 1, 2016.More information about language programs and testing at school can be found by phone (044) 461-97-27, 331-44-83 or by e-mail:

Learn more


According to a TNS survey, only 18% of Ukrainians speak above-average English

Ukrainians have a poor command of foreign languages

According to an online TNS survey, 89% of respondents studied English, but only 18% speak it above average. This was announced on its Facebook page by the Public Initiative Ukraine Speaking.

Compared to European countries, Ukraine lags behind in the readiness of citizens to communicate in a foreign language. Eurobarometer data “Europeans and their languages” show that more than half of EU citizens know at least two languages, and 38% of Europeans are fluent in English.

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Sweden (70.94% of the population), the Netherlands (70.58%) and Denmark (70.05%) know English best.

One of the goals of the EU’s language policy is for every European to master two foreign languages ​​in addition to their mother tongue.

“Ukrainians, in turn, understand the need to know languages ​​- 2/3 of respondents said they plan to learn them. The most popular among foreign languages ​​is English – half of the respondents plan to study it, and 97% would like it to be taught by children “- noted in Ukraine Speaking.

“The lion’s share of Ukrainians do not have the most important tool of integration into the European community – foreign languages. Today, for the first time in many years, Ukrainian leaders, president, prime minister, most members of government and parliament, one way or another, speak foreign languages. foreign language should become the norm for all citizens “- commented on the results of the study MP and founder of the GoGlobal initiative Mustafa Nayem.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​opens up a number of new opportunities for people. More than half of the respondents believe that a foreign language can provide them and their children with the opportunity to communicate freely with other people. At the same time, 43% believe that knowledge of a foreign country allows you to get a better paying job in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, knowledge of a foreign language is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement for employment. According to the recruitment portal, in 12% of vacancies posted on the site, the requirement of knowledge of English is indicated.

At the beginning of next year, as part of the national program for learning and promoting foreign languages ​​Ukraine Speaking initiative GoGlobal is implementing a social information campaign aimed at encouraging Ukrainians to learn foreign languages. To provide language learning tools, a website will be created that will accumulate opportunities for paid and free study of foreign languages, conversation clubs, film screenings in the original language, and internships abroad.

In addition, the GoGlobal initiative together with the British Council in Ukraine is already implementing the project “English Teachers – Agents of Change” which aims to retrain English language teachers.