Discover the Nine Mile Experience

With beautiful waters and idyllic sights, our hangout gives you truly one of a kind sights and comfortable accommodations to rest up for your upcoming day of excursions. Located just 12 miles from Runaway Bay, we are but a stone’s throw from interesting local caves and miles of beachline.

Local Treasures

Known the world over for his innovative musical style and peaceful approach, we are nestled right beside the birth and resting place of Bob Marley. Explore the island and discover firsthand the island spirit that inspired his life and music.

Meet the Host of 9 Miles Cultural Hangout: Prescilla Asmar

With strong roots on the island, the host at this beloved hangout has significant experience in the hospitality business. Channeling this expertise into 9 Miles, she offers insightful and caring guest services to accommodate all needs. The 9 Miles hangout has come to be known as a beautiful getaway that highlights the best the island has to offer. As an expert in local sights and scenery, Prescilla cultivated a caring and dedicated team to facilitate the ideal guest experiences and create lasting memories.

Our Team

In order to guarantee you a trip full of pleasure, Perscilla Asmar dedicated her time to hire the right staff that provides you with all our services. At 9 Miles cultural hangout, you can enjoy your holiday with full guidance from our guesthouse staff, kitchen staff, activities guides, and even the community experts. Whether you are trying to plan your day, try something new, or even have a customized hot dish, our team has you covered. 

Together, the 9 Miles team makes our hangout one of the most sought after areas on the island. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your time while we strive to make your stay a memorable one.

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