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CarGurus acquired the site in 2019, which operates as an independent brand, maintaining the site’s popular forums and editorial content, while applying CarGurus’ technology to enhance the site experience for users. For the man who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt, what more could they want motoring wise? Well, how about a F1 gear cog paperweight, with which to hold down their sheaves of driver certificates, MOTs and V5 documents (we can only hope someone wouldn’t be this disorganised…). Prices start at £42 for Thursday access to the Festival of Speed, rising to £60 for a Revival Friday ticket, and £89 for access on either Saturday or Sunday of Members’ Meeting.

  • Lots of problems usually arise down the road, some of them major.
  • Keep reading to find out the things Geminis do that drive people away.
  • But all what’s here is more reasons for Ford to bring the Falcon Ute stateside.
  • A RWD Ranger with the standard height suspension seems just about perfect.
  • I went back to the original NA6 setup with the hard pipe and two rubber hoses.

For each device, the data in a frame is transmitted sequentially but in such a way that if more than one device transmits at the same time, the highest priority device can continue while the others back off. Frames are received by all devices, including by the transmitting device. CAN FD was introduced in 2012 to increase data volume throughput.

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This car is actually street legal now and has license plates and is regularly driven on the road. In fact, this is the same car featured in the excellent CarAdvice article at the bottom of this post. But Andrea and his friends regularly exercise all the cars. The goal is to drive each at least once every 2 months if not more often. Given the massive size of the collection, this takes quite some effort! Keeping all the cars running well requires regular maintenance, which they do in the workshop on premises.

Many overhead panels are connected like this, excepting flight critical systems. To reduce the number of interconnecting wires from control panels in the flight deck to system computers in the avionics compartment, Airbus deployed CAN bus. Because of non-destructive bitwise arbitration, there is no need to retransmit the message; the priority message only will be on the bus. The “Inter frame gap” is the minimum number of 3 bits separating consecutive messages. Unless another station starts transmitting, the bus remains idle after this. The identifier with the lowest numerical value has the highest priority.

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torque but very few account for ID that is 3-5° at full load . My guess is that is some petrolhead legacy because spark-ignition engines have no delays. is calibrated with 52mg of fuel at 4000 rpm to achieve 103kW. For 52mg IQ, injector is opened for 30° of crankshaft rotation with SOI 25° BTDC – resulting in EOI at 5° ATDC and combustion process with most effectively burnt fuel at about 10° ATDC. loss of power – while you may be injecting more fuel theoretically…after all losses you end up most likely with less torque than before but with increased fuel consumption and slow dead for your engine. reduced durability – may be not a concern if you are of those common car user who have lots of HP but do not use it anyway.

Possibly to the detriment of your inlet manifold or your catalytic converter , flames emanating from any car can warm the cockles of any petrolhead’s heart. Internal combustion will forever be cool, but some deliberate external combustion will always be welcome. Another cause of exhaust ‘backfire’ comes in the form of ignition delay, often manifesting as an antilag system. This is when the ignition timing is changed slightly to occur further around the engine cycle. Instead of the spark occurring as the piston reaches top dead centre, the spark is delayed until the piston has already started to reciprocate back downwards in its power stroke.

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